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[02 Mar 2005|03:52pm]

Wow i can't believe there is a shane richie community!Other people who share the alfie adoration.

Has anybody else heard about how he once did a mother and daughter combo??This worries me slightly.
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[02 Oct 2004|12:10am]

I had a dream about afie last nite he was beating everyone up hmmmm...
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[01 Oct 2004|11:14pm]

Come on people, where is your Alfie love????

Didn't you too feel like hugging him in tonight's episode??????
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[04 Jun 2004|07:22pm]

Please join bigbrother5_uk.. It will amuse you greatly. Come on fuckers. Join it now.. Its not all kissy kissy lovey duvvy shit..
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[22 May 2004|06:21pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Addicts Of Big Brother 5


If you are easily offended, Fuck Off!!

This here community, bigbrother5_uk, is a community for cunts like us (garfy_, l_i_s_a, and me - dopey_flange) The god damn fucking owners of this shit hot community to be honest, say what you think, debate, or have a mass debate (!!) depending on what kind of fucktard you are..

There are no rules..

Other than -

If you are boring.. You will be banned :)

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Heeey! [08 May 2004|11:55pm]

Hey Everyone!

Wow not much Alfie love going on lately :(
Anyway, Im Lucy, 17 from the south east! Im so in love with Alfie! I just wish i could find my very own Alfie Moon! Hes just perfect!
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[23 Jan 2004|10:35am]

i couldnt say i am a big fan of alfie moon i like the work he does in eastenders,
my name is frank and i am going to get my car lot back and get ready because old franky has changed and i am gonna blow you're minds away ;p
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New lj community [09 Jan 2004|01:50am]

Announcing the arrival of a new EastEnders community-


for the discussion of EastEnders slash, the posting of Eastenders slash fics, and general delight in the slashy going-ons in Albert Square.

Please come and join and share and enjoy.
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Hello [26 Dec 2003|08:56am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hi I'm new here. I am a huge fan of Shane Richie, I think he's a great actor and singer and absolutely gorgeous.



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No Wedding [24 Dec 2003|07:50pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Awww poor Afie he is not having a good Christmas isn't he. Now I don't know if Afie and Kat are going to get married tomorrow.

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Hi [15 Dec 2003|10:34pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi my name is Juliet and I really like watching Eastenders. I love Afie and Kat and I really think that they are made for each other. I can't wait for Christmas day.

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[01 Dec 2003|10:54pm]

I am new here, I was just browsing journals when I came across this, me and my friend adore Alfie, I'm looking for my very own Mr Moon...shame real men aren't like him.
I'm loving that he has finally confessed his love to Kat (again) but....I do miss those longing looks he made at her, it made him so sweet and vunerable looking, I have a feeling things aren't going to be as easy as they hope it is, not sure how true this is but I read that the wedding doesn't go completely to plan and that they have to put it back a lil bit due to some probably with the solicitor, plus Andys boys have him beat up yet again!!
Ok I have rambled...so ciao for now fellow Alfie lovers x
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[14 Nov 2003|10:41am]


In my head it seems obvious what's going to happen,
but I wonder if they're going to mess with us and not let it happen.
I want it to happen.
Kat & Alfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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[14 Nov 2003|12:15am]

RRRRAWRRRR @ alfie when he was angry at the other van driver in today's episode :D
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[07 Nov 2003|09:19pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Heh heh, I have jsut seen the exclusive hildren IN Need Special song that Shane Richie performed on Top of the pops!!!
He was entertaining to say the least, I just wish he wore something more...sexier ;)
He was dressed in a suit!!! U know...jacket and tie?!? WHY OH WHY?
Anyhow, just wanted to say that he was cute there (as always...)

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[05 Nov 2003|12:57am]

AAWW, how hurt (but still cute) did ALfie look in Monday's episode when Kat told him to stuff their friendship?
I just wish he had told her about his Nana from the beginning on..
Oh well, now the cat's outta the bag and Kat knows there's something wrong with Nana we can only hope things will get better for Alfie.
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[04 Nov 2003|07:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

haha check out:http://members.lycos.co.uk/ShaneRichie/LegendFanPage.html

(who misses his television...)

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[02 Nov 2003|02:21am]

[ mood | awake ]

This community seems quite slow at the moment, so I will all cheer you up by telling you that Eastenders has won a few awards at the National Television Awards:
Most Popular Newcomer - Nigel Harman (Dennis Rickman)
Most Popular Actor - Shane Richie (Alfie Moon)
Most Popular Actress - Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater)
Most Popular Serial Drama - Eastenders

Well done Eastenders, and well done Shane Richie!
Oh, btw, the info was taken from another Eastenders Community, I think it's only fair that I mention this, I don't wanna be accused of nicking stuff or something :)

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Attention attention :D [22 Oct 2003|11:05am]

[ mood | excited ]

Shane Richie will be on Parkinson this friday!

I am looking forward to seeing him there!

DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!
that was meant to be saturday!!! SORRY!!!!!
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[29 Sep 2003|07:58pm]

I just had a thought how is sharon going to explain to her dad about the name of her club - angies den, ooh er how embarrassing - I mean it was okay when she thought they were dead....
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